Phew! after a hectic session we’re pretty happy with the initial pre-production results – some good raw material to work with for our demo CD. In case you were wondering why I haven’t been updating my blog the past two days – that’s the reason 😉 We now have enough material and hopefully I should be able to complete the mix-down and run off the first CDs this weekend.

I also designed and wrote a promotional pamphlet for the band so hopefully, that, along with the business cards, should provide a professional presentation for prospective folk festivals and clients. It all seems to be happening at once as most of the festivals for next year want(ed) applications in by 1 June this year! Oh well, we can but try.

At this stage it looks like we have four useable songs and two sets of tunes for the demo CD – a good few weeks work!

Now I just need to find a CD label-making kit and mac software…

Ah time for a beer and some sleep!