March 2005

If you were wondering why I’m taking so long to blog St Patrick’s day, it wasn’t because of the Guinness – it’s just that it is only today I have stopped aching after two very energetic shows totalling six hours of playing with a complete sound system breakdown and setup in between!

I put on my pedometer – reset to zero – on the morning of St Pat’s day, and I took a photo when I took it off in the evening:


Now that is a lot of bounding around on stage!

Full Circle Band

We started off at PJ O’Reilly’s in Civic (Canberra Australia) playing from 1.30-4.30pm

The wireless sound system is great to use – it allows much more freedom of movement than if we were plugged in to the sound system through standard leads – as you can see I danced around so much my legs just faded away!

Full Circle - Jerry

And we played for some Irish dancers from a local Irish dance school

Irish dancers

The audience were a great crowd and all too soon we had to pack up in a rush and head over to Filthy McFadden’s in Kingston (Canberra, Australia) and set up in time to start playing from 5.30-8.30pm.

Full Circle at Filthy McFaddens

Filthy’s is another great venue – more intimate, with many nooks and crannies, despite being quite a good sized pub. It certainly kept our sound engineer busy as the dynamics would change as the composition of the crowd changed.

Full Circle Band - Jerry

The audience was very enthusiastic and many got up to dance. The bar was lined up five deep for most of the night and we kept ourselves lubricated with light beer throughout both shows so we wouldn’t end up Patrickly Sainted! But I did allow myself a good pint of the Guinness at the end of the evening once our work was done and we could relax and take in the band that followed us. They were a mainly covers band and did not get as enthusiastic a response as we did 🙂

Anyhow it was a great day and as the Irish say – great craic!



Happy St Patrick’s Day! We will be busy today – the band Full Circle is playing two shows today – from 1.30pm-430pm at PJ O’Reilly’s in Civic and 5.30pm-8.30pm at Filthy McFadden’s in Kingston – so if you are in Canberra, Austraalia today, why not drop by and say hello! (I’ll be the one with the fiddle – and the guinness )

Blinded by reggae
The sculpture beneath the hat is called “Blinded by Reggae” and was made and cast by Swaziland-born Western Australian artist Terry Thomas in 1981. I have taken to calling it “The Procrastinator!”

St Patrick is of course the patron saint of Ireland – it appears St Patrick was a real historical figure who lived in the 5th century (Christian Era). Interestingly, while he is said to have used the three-leafed clover, or shamrock to explain the Trinity, the shamrock had long been held as the symbol for Brigit – a pagan goddeess of healing, she was later appropriated by the church as St Brigit!