This would have to have been one my more successful swap-meet scavenges… About 2 weeks ago I spotted a mandolin for sale at the Woden swap meet – but I was ina rush and didn’t try it out. This time the mando was back, so I sauntered up – casual like – so as not to seem overly interested, after all this was a flat back mandolin and I had tried a few AU$250 mandos in a couple of music shops, so I knew what I should expect for the money.

I picked it up and had a quiet pick at it hmmm – then I asked the bloke for a plectrum and went through a few chords – this was not a $250 mando – though that’s what he was asking for it, no, it sounded much better than that. After parting with AU$220 and ensuring the nicely-made case and a new set of strings came with it, I walked away with a Greg Bennett MA3 McCoy mandolin worth AU$469 – I think this might be just what my daughter Eve might be looking for 🙂

Greg Bennett mandolin