When the strangely-shaped packages arrived addressed to me I thought there was some mistake – clearly the chocolates and whatever else there was, were meant for Sharon as a get well gift … Sharon just smiled and told me to stop being silly and open them.

I could not believe my eyes! Someone must’ve sneaked a peak at my blog a little while back – remember the mystery location challenge set by another blogger – Angela Thomas? Something about chocolate?

Ghirardelli chocolate

But hang on… these were not from Angela – but from Linn who was so kind in asking after Sharon’s health. Now, Linn had emailed me about another blog post of mine – on the Japanese drain covers, and said she had some rubbings of some different ones. Then I opened the long tube package – and there was a mysterious hint of aged but high quality paper. I carefully unrolled it with a wooden batten so as not to tear the delicate parchment and slowly some precision pen drawing and some words emerged – PLAN No 3 – STRADIVARIUS VIOLONCELLO –

Cello plans

yes a complete set of cello plans – hand drawn and with a wonderful patina of age. They were drawn by Joseph V Reid of Hamilton Ontario Canada in February 1963.

Cello plans

You could’ve knocked me down with a feather – Much better than a musty old treasure map of book of spells – these are full size luthier’s drawings.

Cello plans

I am touched and amazed – thank you Linn Skinner 🙂 You have made my day! And the chocolates are wonderful!