With the bent ribs now dry it is time to glue them to the end blocks – I masked off the ends of the mold with masking tape so that the ribs would not become accidentally glued to the mold itself – just the end blocks.

I applied the glue liberally to the blocks and spread the glue with a palette knife so the blocks were evenly covered. And then applied the end clamp loosely to ensure there would be not spring, but not yet held tight. Finally, I added the side clamps, ensuring scrap wood was placed between the jaws and the ribs so that the clamps wouldn’t mark the ribs.

Once the ribs were clamped along their sides so they were pressed hard up against the mold, I tightened the end clamp tight to ensure good even pressure over the glued areas.

Once the glue is dry I’ll shape the reinforcement strips and add the top ones before removing the whole thing from the mold and then add the lower reinforcing strips ready to commence work on the top and back.

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