Wow these guys have been busy! At this rate there will soon be a whole pochette Movement – I actually think it will soon be time to start a pochette forum for those who play or would like to play pochettes. These Rickert and Ringholz instruments look superbly made and very well set up for the travelling fiddler.

First up they have the new Carleen Pochette travel fiddle – named after the late musical instrument acoustics researcher Dr Carleen Hutchins – the fiddle makes use of patented internal baffling and ports to produce a big sound from a small space – I guess like the way that good hifi speakers are designed these days. Then they have photos of the delightful looking Travel Master pochette – a standard line – you can hear examples of these played on YouTube

They also produce kits of cigar box fiddles – in three grades of kits depending on how adventurous you are feeling or how confident you are in your own woodworking abilities.

Then there’s my favourite of the Rickert and Ringholz range – the Neil Gow pochette – with photos of a newly made one. These have a great sound – there’s one being demonstrated on YouTube

The tune is The Drunken Gauger written by Pat Barron. The tune is inspired by stories of the British Queen’s government licensing officials – gaugers – charged with testing the drink measures used in pubs and drinking houses. One of the occupational hazards was accidentally swallowing the liquor sample 🙂 The fiddler is 20 year old Justin Bridges – a fiddler with a great future 🙂