A US$1m Guadagnini violin was in the case that broke the fall of violinist David Garrett, not a Stradivarius as reported by the BBC. Giovanni Guadagnini was a student of Antonio Stradivari and also made excellent instruments. The 190 year old violin suffered extensive damage with several large cracks and even the soundpost was split! Luckily the damage is repairable, but it will be a lengthy restoration, expected to take around eight or nine months.

This BBC article describes the repair process. Every sliver of wood will be accounted for and painstakingly glued back into place in a procedure that can be likened to modern day keyhole surgery. An endoscope has been used to survey the damage from the inside without dismantling the violin. Repairs are expected to cost around $120,000.

In the meantime, Garrett will be loaned a 1718 Stradivarius violin to perform in London this week.

There is no doubt about the talent bursting from this 26 year old former child prodigy – the youngest musician to have been signed by Deutsche Gramophon.

Have a listen to this as a small example of the breadth of his skill