Ok, here is a quick update of the latest progress – firstly, my acquisition of a tapered reamer has enabled me to fit the new pegs to the violin neck

Secondly, I realised that in order to glue the body together I was missing a key ingredient – fiddle clamps. I suppose I could have bought some for US$79.90 or even $430 for these plastic spool clamps, or US$16.85 for six spool clamps.

But instead I made them. Here’s how: I bought a pack of ten 75mm x 3/16″ bolts, a pack of washers to fit and a pack of wing nuts. I had an old broom handle, so I clamped a stop to my mitre saw and cut 20 rounds about one centimetre thick. Then I drilled a 3/16″ hole in the centre of each round and fitted each bolt in sequence with a washer, two rounds, then another washer and finally the wing-nut. Total price for ten clamps was about AUS$7.50 for the ten clamps (about US$5.00).

Tomorrow, with some final shaping I hope to attach the neck and glue up the main body.