Imagine how you’d feel! After 18 months of negotiations you get to borrow a 1723 Stradivarius violin – the “ex-Keisewetter” – worth $4m, only to accidentally leave it in a New York taxi. That’s what happened to Grammy-nominated violinist Philippe Quint on Monday 21 April.

The frantic Quint phoned the cab company and the police. Meanwhile the violin lay in its case in a bag in the back of the cab overnight on a Newark street. It stayed there while the cabbie – Mohamed Khalil – took a fare to Kearny and on to Queens for a vehicle inspection.

A call went out across the cab network and a fellow cabbie asked Khalil if he’d found anything left in the back of his cab. Minutes later Quint was reunited with the violin, whereupon the violinist dropped to his knees and wept with joy and relief. Khalil made light of his honesty – “You have to be honest. Even if it was worth $10 million, it doesn’t belong to me” he is quoted as saying.

You can read more about Quint here.

And if you are ever in Khalil’s cab – make sure you give him an extra tip 🙂