Last night saw me at a great session in Washington DC at Nanny O’Brien’s Pub on 3319 Connecticut Avenue NW. The session started at 9.00pm and there was a good mix of tunes I knew and new tunes to learn. They were warm and welcoming and the session leader, internationally renowned Brendan Mulvihill is a real gem – and he sure can play! His warm welcome and handshake showed him to be a true Limerick gentleman.

Session at Nanny O'Brien's pub in Washington DC

Again there was lots of curiosity about my pochette fiddle – playing the sessions is certainly a great way to meet people – and several recommended that I came along tonight to the McGinty’s pub – so, yes I’ll be there. Rob, one of the musicians even offered to bring along a spare violin as he found my pochette a little quiet at the session. And at the end of the evening I was given a lift back to the hotel.

At the end of the session I stopped and chatted with Brendan Mulvihill about Australia, the fiddle, the craic and Irish music – and I’ve told him the tea kettle’s always on if he should ever visit Canberra. Truly a great night