After stepping off the plane in the morning back in Australia, my band had a gig that night at the Merry Muse Folk Club in Canberra, Australia. My body was telling me it was 07.00AM and I hadn’t slept all night, despite it being 9.00PM in Canberra. But it was a good crowd and we fired well off each other to make a good show. The audience was larger than usual and the evening had a really good feel to it. We were supported by vocal harmony group Humbug.

Full Circle Band at the Merry Muse Folk Club, Canberra

We played a great version of Farewell to Chernobyl and Trip to Pakistan – good Celtic tunes – and the folk club was nearly full – quite a contrast to some previous occasions.

It’s good to be home again after a fairly hectic two weeks away in Canada and USA, but it was also great to play in some wonderful sessions overseas.