So, you’re traveling around the place, but still want to capture CD quality audio tracks? Here’s my solution. The key is in the choice of technology. If you have the right gear, you don’t need much of it. Essentially, you need:

  • a means to collect sound at the highest quality;
  • a means to get the sound from audio to digital to get clean sound; and
  • a computer platform with good audio editing software, and be able to burn the results to CD

In my case, that means a studio-quality condenser microphone – The Tascam LD-74 is excellent and relatively inexpensive. This is connected to a Tascam US-122L audio/midi interface which connects by USB2 to a macbook running OSX (10.5 Leopard) and Tracktion 3.0 mixing and audio production software. The US-122L is powered by the same USB cable that connects it, so you only need one lead from the mic to the US-122L. Compact eh?

travel studio

The combined system is compact and works very well. The 122L provides clean (no hum) digital sound from the analogue mic, and the macbook is sufficiently quiet that there are no dramas having it in the same room as you are recording.

travel studio

You then just need the pochette so that the whole studio can travel in the same backpack as the fiddle!