On visiting Sydney’s Powerhouse museum I encountered a violin-shaped pochette in the musical instruments section.

Pochette at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

The catalogue description reads:

Pochette with violin form body, maker unknown, Mittenwald, Bavaria, 1750-1790]
Small pocket sized violin,used by a dancing master for dance classes. Single piece belly of spruce and back of solid carved maple, accentuated curves with deep ribs, no purfling either side, heavy reddish brown varnish, with black discolouration across the middle of the belly and around the edges of the back. Black,[ebony] tuning pegs and tail piece, finger board of black stained pear wood, tuning pegs have small inlayed mother of pearl dots on the ends. Light coloured bridge with no maker’s mark, narrow headstock with deep srcoll carving, strung with 4 strings. – Powerhouse Museum

The whole instrument would be barely three inches wide and it is very shallow in the body so I suspect that it would not put out much sound.

Pochette at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

But it’s an interesting instrument nonetheless.