Melody Lane Studios in Sydney have done an excellent job recording my fiddle and after a long day recording three tune sets we now have enough for a CD.

jerry recording

Of course, recording is only half the battle – the tunes and songs need to be professionally mastered – balanced with each other, and some post-production work to ensure that the instruments sound their best. And there are other things to do like design a cover, write track notes and so on, and after mastering the CD will need to be pressed professionally

I also discovered – courtesy of the super-sensitive studio mics that I need to replace my violin bridge. You see, after the last crack repair on the fiddle’s body the bridge is now a little low on one side – so I’ve had to bow more lightly on that side to eliminate string buzz on the fingerboard.

We’ve had a our lighter moments during recording too – at one point to relieve the tension, our guitarist started some 12-bar blues – so I joined in on fiddle – and the sound guys fell about – they’d never seen 12 bar played on a fiddle before 🙂

Anyhow the hardest part is over and I can relax for now. We drive back to Canberra tomorrow.