I’d heard about her at the Majors Creek Folk Festival – but wasn’t really sure what to expect when I went to the Merry Muse Folk Club this evening. All I can say is catch her when you can. Singer songwriter Ami Williamson has a wonderful liquid tone in her voice and tremendous range. Whether singing quiet ballads or slightly wicked songs her combination of voice, keyboards and drums makes for one heck of a solo act. And she knows how to relate to an audience and work with them through looks, gestures and above all sharing of herself with integrity.

Ami Williamson

She has played a number of the major festivals, and recently toured the war zones with her father John Williamson, in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the Solomon Islands, entertaining the troops – continuing an age-old tradition.

Ami Williamson

The other acts were Freyja’s Rain – a four-piece band from Canberra, and the Rooftop Revellers.

Freyja’s Rain was formed in 2007 by vocalist/pianist/guitarist Jenny Sawer, their name is taken from Freyja, the Norse goddess of love and beauty. Joined by vocalist/bassist Jen Simpson, guitarist/vocalist Brendon Houlahan and drummer Ben Harris, Freyja’s Rain have a great style, with Jenny’s gutsy jazz-style voice.

Freyja's Rain

And the evening kicked off with the combination of Appalacian and gospel style of the Rooftop Revellers. The Revellers are made up of musicians from a number of other bands – comprising Pablo Shopen (banjo, guitar and fiddle) and Ed Radclyffe (double bass) of Dr. Stovepipe and the Fuelers, and Krista Schmeling from the Honeybells.

Overall a great night – and next week promises even more with the Hottentots!

See you there