Armed with a bending iron and not afraid to use it, I set about shaping the linings to fit the top and back. I had prepared the timber (pine slats) by cutting kerfs and then cutting the linings in half along their length to make twice the length for half the effort.

I soaked them for about an hour in a large tub of rainwater, and then measured them up ready for bending.

I turned on the heat gun and waited a couple of minutes to ensure the pipe got really warm on the 600C setting, and set to work.

using a luthier's bending iron
I did the linings in sections so that complex curves were kept to a minimum, and left room for the end and neck blocks.

The linings were then clamped in place held by clothes pegs and allowed to dry so they wouldn’t spring back which would make gluing more difficult.

And here is the result.

mandolin linings

mandolin linings